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Rattan Production Completed - Getting Ready For Shipment To South Africa!

Rockhill Asias Procurement Outsourcing team in Vietnam visited one of the rattan factories in Lam Dong to inspect the latest rattan-made production. This is the final step in our quality control procedure before shipping to our customers in South Africa.

Our rattan-made products come in dynamic designs and various styles, such as baskets, candle holders and lamp shades or can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Colors can be naturally-made or customized for our clients after taking out rattan skin. It takes significant skills to first cut the rattan, then break off the outer layer and peel off the core rattan. After harvesting the rattan from the forests, it will be processed for use in the rattan-based craft.

Rattan grows in hot hilly locations with average temperatures of about 25°C and annual rainfall levels of around -2,000mm. Regarding these factors, Vietnam has always been a key supplier of rattan with products made from natural one. The uniqueness of natural rattan lies in its strong, easily formed characteristics and its capacity to adapt to changes in time and environment makes it never appears outdated and easily applied for indoor or outdoor home decorations. When doing the inspection, we validated products for their quality, measurement, color and size to verify if they met our criteria. We’re very happy that our products are well-made and the order is ready for shipment to our South African customers.


We are driven to provide our clients with the tools to succeed. Our expertise in the region and our industry know-how allow our clients to make the right decision by building innovative product ranges from reliable suppliers across Asia!

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