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VIFA Expo 2024 Recap: Our Proactive First Steps Towards a Future Built On Sustainable Sourcing

[ VIFA 2024 wrapped up successfully!]

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A huge thank you to our customers, suppliers, and partners for visiting our booth at VIFA this year. It was a huge opportunity to connect and talk together about building a responsible sourcing future and exploring sustainable sourcing possibilities together.

This year's VIFA marked a significant milestone for Rockhill Asia: our proactive first steps towards a future built on responsible sourcing. “🌳 Source Responsibly, Grow Sustainably 🌳”, Rockhill Asia is here to connect you with sustainable-certified suppliers and materials across Vietnam! Not only stop from that, but we're also constantly learning, growing, and striving to bring sustainable sourcing solutions to the table in 2024 and beyond.

Our booth features a diverse range of products that prove eco-friendliness and quality can go hand-in-hand. From FSC Wood furniture, home decoration, artificial flowers made from recycled plastic, and handicrafts crafted with recycled and raw materials, all chosen to meet industry standards and many sustainable certifications.

Whenever you need, Rockhill Asia is here to help our retailers and businesses with responsible sourcing and navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence, while freeing you to focus on what you do best – building a thriving, responsible business.

And now, check out our Event Recap to catch up on all the highlights! 


🌳 Source responsibly, Grow sustainably 🌳

Contact us today to find your perfect sustainable-certified suppliers & materials match across Vietnam.

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