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Rockhill Asia Will Visit The 133rd Canton Fair In China

This April, Rockhill Asia will visit the 133rd Canton Fair at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, which is China’s largest exhibition center. The event is a massive trade fair with 25,000 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors in each session. The offline exhibition will be exhibited in three phases by different categories.

  • Phase 1: April 15-19. Electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, energy resources.

  • Phase 2: April 23-27. Consumer goods, gifts, and home decoration.

  • Phase 3: May 1-5. textile and clothing, footwear, office, luggage and leisure products, medicine and health care, and food.

Rockhill Asia will visit the 133rd Canton fair in China
Rockhill Asia will visit the 133rd Canton fair in China

This fair is a great opportunity for us to visit our existing suppliers and nurture our relationships, as well as meet new suppliers, find new sources, update new industry sights, and see what the world has to offer. Especially, we can take use of the chance to meet customers and get ready for new product developments and orders ahead. All in all, we always make sure to keep up with the newest product range and the latest trends in the market to deliver the best value to our customers.


We are driven to provide our clients with the tools to succeed. Our expertise in the region and our industry know-how allow our clients to make the right decision by building innovative product ranges from reliable suppliers across Asia!

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