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Rockhill Asia Ensures Best Value For Customers With FSC And BSCI Certified Wood Factory Visit

Rockhill Asia visits FSC And BSCI Certified Wood Factory


Discover Rockhill Asia's recent visit to a FSC and BSCI-certified wood factory in Vietnam. Rockhill Asia is committed to meeting customer demands through meticulous factory visits.


In May 2023, Rockhill Asia's Procurement Outsourcing team visited a #wood factory in HCMC, #Vietnam to source and develop wooden products for our customers.

The factory is FSC and BSCI certified, and has been operating in the market for over 30 years. #Acaciawood and #Rubberwood from Vietnam are popular choices for manufacturing wooden products due to their combination of high quality and good pricing. Acacia wood offers durability and attractive grain patterns, while rubberwood is known for its affordability and versatility. Both materials provide great value for their quality, making them sought-after options for wooden product production.

The manufacturer offers a wide product range with beautiful designs, from #kitchenware, decoration items, and household goods, to children's toys. They also provide OEM & ODM services based on buyers' specifications and ideas.

On our end, factory visit is a key stage in our service as it allows us to understand factory working culture, quality standards and procedures, as well as ensure we deliver the best value in the market to meet our customers' demands and requirements.


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