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Rockhill Asia Working With Local Suppliers Near Hanoi and Deep Diving Into Product Specifications

Rockhill Asia Working With Local Suppliers Near Hanoi and Deep Diving Into Product Specifications

In Vietnam, the bamboo and rattan production remain important in the development of traditional handicraft products in villages and industries. Among all Hanoi's bamboo and rattan craft villages today, the most popular one is in Phu Vinh, Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district.

The Phu Vinh people have passed on this profession from father to son, from mother to daughter. In the past, bamboo and rattan products were mainly used for daily life products such as baskets, sieves, bags, and boxes. Nowadays, hundreds of export products have been created, such as rattan plates, pots, and bowls; fine art products such as decorations, lampshades, curtains, portrait paintings, diaphragms, couplets, tables, chairs, sofas; hotel and restaurant furniture.

Managing Director, Fiona Li and her team had a chance to visit the Phu Vinh factory, and see firsthand the craftsmanship quality of the local people. The products here are all made with rattan tied with natural plants, a typical waving style from the Northern area. Depending on the size of each product, there will be different production times, to finish a rattan plate usually takes an entire day. The village ladies receive raw materials at their home, and once the goods are done, the plates will be collected at the factory for inspection and move to the next stage, shaping.

Today, the steps of turning, cutting and sharpening bamboo and rattan have been gradually mechanized. However, to keep the high quality of the products, it is indispensable for them to be handmade, mainly by the village ladies. The sample maker would visit several villages and educate the weavers on the new pattern and design after the sample has been approved. Once the supplies for this work have been delivered and the weavers are ready to work, they will divide between farm work, housekeeping, and child care. These jobs are ideal for rural women since they allow them to care for their children and work in the rice and maize fields, and there is no need to clock in and out.

As a specialized agency in procurement outsourcing and retail consulting, Rockhill Asia believes that it is crucial to work closely with local manufacturers to understand how the products are made and how the workers adapt and cope with the challenges and risks during the production process.

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