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Goodbye Covid-19 Restrictions, Welcome Back International Partners To Rockhill Asia Vietnam's Office

Goodbye Covid-19 Restrictions, Welcome Back International Partners To Rockhill Asia Vietnam's Office

Rockhill Asia - Vietnam Office had a chance to welcome South African clients visiting in Ho Chi Minh City. They were among the first travelers to be granted test-free admission, a policy shift that bodes well for tourists, supply-chain managers and others who rely on seamless border traffic flow. Vietnam's reopening to commerce is due to a readiness to shift course and remove policies that are no longer relevant to the ongoing situation.

In addition to visiting factories, the team prepared an exciting and insightful visit to the shops and markets to find new initiatives for their emerging retail chain to welcome our special guests. We also discussed pricing strategy, splitting the orders between China and Vietnam, and working on ways to optimize logistics costs.

In discussion with our client, Managing Director, Fiona Li emphasized: "Vietnam's importance in global supply chains is evident, and it is only projected to rise. We believe that Vietnam will continue to be a desirable investment destination, particularly for companies looking to relocate from China. Vietnam's market fundamentals are robust, as they were last year, and its economy is sturdy enough to weather the current output disruptions caused by the epidemic. Overall, we can see that foreign investors remain optimistic about Vietnam's long-term prospects."

At the end of the trip, the guests were very excited to return to Vietnam with potential business plans. Having witnessed Ho Chi Minh City's strong recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a lot of potential in the future that can be discovered in this S-shaped country. We hope to organize and coordinate future business trips to provide investors with an insight into critical aspects of the undertaking and doing business in Vietnam.

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