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5 Compelling Reasons Why Outsourcing Procurement Could Be A Game-changer For Your Company

The procurement function ensures that all commodities, materials, and services are obtained at the best possible times and rates. This will result in optimal resource usage, effective manufacturing, and considerable cost, time, and resource savings.

As a professional procurement outsourcing service, we will let you know five reasons why your business must find a procurement partner like Rockhill Asia:

1. Gain Procurement Experience

There is no doubt that when you launch your business, you will make much effort to bring together all of the business professionals in different fields to sit at the same table. However, you are not sure that you can find all experts for all aspects to grow your business effectively. Also, maintaining a procurement department in the first steps is thus not feasible for everyone. As a result, procurement outsourcing is strongly advised. As Jack Ma - a Chinese Billionaire - said, "I know nothing about technology, I know nothing about marketing, I know nothing about (the legal) stuff. I only know about people."

2. Increase Accessibility

Procurement outsourcing services can access international and local databases (business connections). They (services providers) can help you choose from a much larger pool of verified vendors. They also have the connections and power to ensure that you always get the best prices, qualities, and routes for the goods you require. With greater access, you will be able to secure higher quality products and lower costs on all of your processes than you could previously.

3. Adapt More Quickly

Adjusting quickly during a difficult time with COVID-19 restrictions and challenging circumstances is a significant advantage. However, using a manual, in-house system will not be easy to achieve effectiveness during the procurement (produce) process. By purchasing services through great vendors in fields, you will be able to adapt quickly without spending much time solving the struggles (finding staffs, training new technologies, etc.) (Delotte, 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey). Flexible procurement experts (vendors) can assist your company in responding quickly to changes in supply availability and pricing. This is also one of the primary advantages of implementing procurement outsourcing services.

4. Let Your Employees Concentrate in Their Core Focus

Outsourcing enables acquiring consultants to carry out your procurement systems. It will also allow your company's specialists to concentrate on their areas of expertise. They will no longer be diverted by the task of locating the best vendors, comparing prices, and generating purchase orders. They could concentrate on valuation aspects where their distinctive expertise can be best utilized. “Procurement outsourcing presents the possibility of freeing up internal resources from low-value categories for redeployment to high value-add areas." - Oliver Wyman.

5. Enhance Productivity

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The procurement experts you hire's knowledge, experience, and adaptability allow for increased productivity and efficiency (OECD, 2019, Productivity in Public Procurement). Procurement professionals can move things along more smoothly than most internal departments. They have a distinct advantage in terms of information and expertise. In short, when you do not have to worry about procurement, everything will run more smoothly.

Through the services, businesses gain significant cost optimization by having access to an entire team of experts across Asia, ultimately providing better pricing and smoother order management.


We are driven to provide our clients with the tools to succeed. Our expertise in the region and our industry know-how allow our clients to make the right decision by building innovative product ranges from reliable suppliers across Asia!

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