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​Procurement Outsourcing Solutions

ROCKHILL ASIA is driven to provide our clients with the tools to succeed in focusing on what they do best.

With our Procurement Outsourcing Solutions, we allow businesses to gain significant cost optimization by having access to a full team of experts across Asia, and ultimately providing better pricing and smoother order management.

Analyzing Data

​Businesses & Categories We Are Serving


​Home Furnishing

​ Home Decoration





​Moms & Babies

​Toy Store & Arcade

Household Appliance

Private Label


​What We Offer

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​Supplier Management

  • Supplier Evaluation & Scoring​

  • Compliance & Regulatory Support​

  • EUDR Application

Design Samples



  • New products & Techniques Proposal from Trade Fairs​

  • Technical Pack​

  • Product Labelling ​

  • New Product Development

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  • Resourcing​

  • Order Management, Price Negotiation, & Placement​

  • Procurement Services




  • Develop Packing Guildeline by category​

  • Develop QA Guildeline by category​

  • On Site Inspections & Quality Control

Cargo Ship at Sea



  • Shipment Coordination & Export Customs Clearance 

​Exclusive EUDR Services


Rockhill Asia is one of the first procurement outsourcing companies offering EUDR services, leverage our deep understanding of EUDR to empower your business with:


​1. Potential Order Information Collected​

2. RHA Pre-Audit Supply Chain​

3. Data Collection

4. ​Risk Assessment

5. Report

The client submits their potential order details to RHA

RHA ensures collecting sufficient information and get prepared for pre-audit.​

  • RHA connects with OEM manufacturers and input materials suppliers to collect information. 

  • RHA provides recommendations for those potential orders.​
    Green light from client → move to the following 3 stages. ​

  • Supply chain mapping by tracing products from harvest to final product.​

  • Document collection and provision​

  • Consider changing input material suppliers.​

  • Consider changing OEM manufacturers

  • Reviewed and Verified Documentation with 3rd Party​

  • On-site audit for factory and plantation

  • Provide documents to address the non-eligible risks. ​

  • Optimizing the supply chain for more efficiency.

Why Procurement Outsourcing Solution?

​Questions to ask

​Procurement Outsourcing Benefits

​Short Term

​What cost savings can achieve through procurement outsourcing

​Lower COGS

​Increase Operational Efficiency

​Long Term

​How to best optimize the mix of resources (internal & external) to maximize ROI

Focus Internal Resources

​Increase Operational Flexibility

​Increase Operational Flexibility

"Procurement outsourcing presents the possibility of freeing up internal resources from low-value categories for redeployment to high value-add areas."

Oliver Wyman

​Key Issues In Today Overseas Purchase

With our expertise in the region and our industry know-how, we help our clients to solve these problems and achieve a high level of efficiency.


​Heavy Internal Process



​Lack of Expertise



​Lack of Optimization

Heavy internal process for each supplier required to set up supplier registration from procurement to finance

Lack expertise in documentation requirements results in additional costs due to incorrect customs clearance

No coordination with shipping lines to consolidate the merchandise and optimize freight cost

​How We Do Differently

​Regular Practice




​With Rockhill Asia



Procurement Outsourcing Service
Rockhill Asia Procurement Outsourcing Service
  • ​Rising costs, including Local Distributor Margin, Agency Cost, Adding Personnel Cost

  • ​Ineffective MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities)

  • Coordination & Document Preparation

  • ​Documentation Fixing Cost

  • ​No Extra Margin

  • Trusted & proven experience and expertise

  • A lean sourcing trail with minimum-to-zero intermediaries to effectively trim the cost

  • The best suppliers across China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, USA,...

  • Sufficient MOQ’s - going directly to factories

  • An absolute transparency in every step we take


​​How Do We Work Together

  • Propose complete product ranges propositions for all non-food categories:

  • Achieve 20%-30%better prices vs current

  • Support on planogram visualization and range setup

  • Provide alternative solutions when MOQs are low

  • Update on new product offers/ colors

  • Order follow-up with Suppliers and Shipment with Freight Forwarders

  • Provide insights on strong brands / licensing / distribution / private label development / suppliers to extend over product assortment

  • ​Provide Category Expansion and Category Assortment

Service Brochure

​Learn More How We Help You Succeed With Our Procurement Outsourcing Solutions

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